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Professor Reed's research program falls at the interface between nanoscience and medicine. The first focus of his research is on nanoparticle-lipid conjugates as membrane mimics. The second is on nanomaterials for phototherapeutic applications and the third is utilizing artificial Intelligence, informed by computational chemistry, to predict what genetic patterns cause some people to be harmed by the drugs that are meant to help them.

Interested in joining the lab? Contact Dr. Reed for information about current openings.

Selected Publications

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Computational study on the removal of photolabile protecting groups by photochemical reactions CH Yang, J Denne, S Reed, H Wang Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 1151, 1-11 2019

Measurement and multilayer model of cooling of gold nanoparticles: Transient thermoreflectance experiments and multilayer analytical modeling BG Green, SM Budy, SM Reed, ME Siemens Journal of Applied Physics 124 (14), 144301 2018

Lipid-coated gold nanoparticles and FRET allow sensitive monitoring of liposome clustering mediated by the synaptotagmin-7 C2A domain DJ Hamilton, MD Coffman, JD Knight, SM Reed Langmuir 33 (36), 9222-9230 2017

Synthesis and assembly of gold nanoparticles/polymers: Spheres, prisms, octadehra, and rods... oh my! S Budy, D Hamilton, Y Cai, M Knowles, S Reed ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 253 2017

Conformational changes in C-reactive protein affect binding to curved membranes in a lipid bilayer model of the apoptotic cell surface AA Alnaas, CL Moon, M Alton, SM Reed, MK Knowles The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (12), 2631-2639 2017

Polymer mediated layer-by-layer assembly of different shaped gold nanoparticles SM Budy, DJ Hamilton, Y Cai, MK Knowles, SM Reed Journal of colloid and interface science 487, 336-347 2017